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Your company faces global competition, trying to forge customer loyalty while remaining cost competitive. Internally, your staff - whose clients are within the four walls of the firm - face a similar challenge: the pressure to continually improve the quality of their services while reducing costs.

These are not new goals, but for many companies they remain unfulfilled. The reason? Functional and line executive's desire to remain "in control" of the resources and the many masters that staffs serve, as well as the way staff work is understood and organized.

The result?

  • cost creep from company-wide redundancies;
  • employees dissatisfied by limited career paths and devaluing of their work;
  • slow response to external marketplace demands;
  • attention diverted from strategic issues
Shared Services helps your staff support functions achieve success for themselves and for your company by becoming service-oriented, business-based contributors. This means:
  • knowing the services they deliver and the customers they serve;
  • understanding their customers' expectations;
  • having a service orientation as well as the technical competencies to deliver excellent service; and
  • being able to assess their performance and productivity relative to alternative external providers.
With this website as a guide, we expect you will be able to:
    1. Identify solutions to Shared Services obstacles you are facing;
    2. Confirm that you're on track with your Shared Services effort, and
    3. Learn where to find further information.

If you are operating a Shared Service center, we will provide insights on enhancing value to your clients and improving your business partner relationship.

If you are new to Shared Services, we will identify critical success factors that sustain value for your employees and clients.

If you are making a decision to move to Shared Services, we will advise you on what to expect and how to avoid pitfalls.

To learn more about how we can help you address the challenges of Shared Services, contact us.